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Looking for a job in Germany?

Looking for a job in Germany?

Morkel Pflegevermittlung – is an intermediary between German clinics and medical personnel in Europe and beyond.

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Work as a doctor in Germany.

The certification of a diploma in Germany
We guarantee recognition of the medical diploma after passing the training and internship.

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The process of employing nurses in Germany

In order to work officially as a nurse in German clinics, it is necessary to undergo an individual procedure of approbation (recognition) of the diploma (this applies to all persons who have received education outside of Germany). In the process of an individual procedure for the approbation of the diploma, the Approbation Authority compares your studies with similar studies from Germany. In this case, we are talking about such criteria as the content and duration of your studies, including work experience in the specialty.

Important: No nursing diplomas from non-EU countries correspond with the German qualification. The Approbation Authority partially approbates (recognises) the qualifications and indicates which items must be taught in order to be able to 100% recognise the diploma!

Our company provides an opportunity to obtain a temporary work permit in a limited discipline (work as a nurse’s assistant / Pflegehilfskraft) with simultaneous training of missing items. The training takes place at the clinic at your future place of work and is sufficient for the 100% approbation of your diploma.

In the process of training you are paid a salary in the amount of 1500- 1800 euros (gross).

As a rule, the duration of the training is from 6 to 12 months, depending on how quickly you get a “German Language certificate level B2”.

  • Introduction

    • Contact us via email or phone.
    • First consultation.
  • Send your documents

    • Send your CV and language certificate.
    • Interview with Morkel Pflegevermittlung.
    • Your CV is sent to the clinic.
  • Confirmation of documents

    • Translation of documents by an authorised translator.
    • Send documents for recognising the diploma.
  • Work and training

    • Sign training and practice contract.
    • Receipt of visa, work and training (6 months) documents.
  • The recognition of the diploma

    • Automatic diploma confirmation after passing the training and practice.
  • Sign the work contract

    • Sign the work contract.
    • Work as a doctor or nurse in the clinics in Germany!

How to start the procedure of employment?

  1. The consultation

    • General information about the recruitment of qualified personnel from Europe and third countries.
    • Advice about the whole process of diploma approbation.
    • Advice on housing and German language courses.
  2. The package of documents for interview and employment

    • • In case of availability: “German Language Certificate” level B1 or B2.*
    • CV with photo.*
      ⇨ Download the CV form: cv-russian.docx | cv-english.docx | cv-german.docx.
      ⇨ Use the online service Europass.
    • Copy of employment record book.*
    • Copy of the diploma of medical studies.*
    • Interview by Skype or by phone with a representative of Morkel Pflegevermittlung.

    *The package of documents is sent to our e-mail address.

    Translated and authenticated documents are submitted to the Approbation Authority for approbation. The time for consideration of the documents and receipt of an opinion is from one to three months.

  3. The translation of documents and approbation (recognition) of the diploma

    The list of documents required to approbate the diploma is different in each German land. It will be known only after choosing a clinic and employer, according to the requirements of the Approbation Authority of the land in which you will work. After specifying the list of documents, the documents are transferred to an authorised translator for translation.

    Important: The translation of the documents must only be done by a sworn translator and therefore it is better to do it in Germany! If the above mentioned requirements are not met, then the documents will not be approbated (recognised). In the event that you decide to have your documents translated in your country, then it is advisable to ask the German Embassy which translators have the required qualifications. To avoid unnecessary costs, please contact us before you submit your documents for translation.

    Translated and authorised documents are submitted to the Approbation Authority for approbation. The time for consideration of the documents and receipt of an opinion is from one to three months.

    The Approbation Authority recognises the medical diplomas of the citizens of the European Union individually, there are two options:

    • The first option: the automatic recognition of the diploma, therefore, your diploma is fully approbated.
    • The second option: the approbation on the condition of passing the practice or the exam on the missing subjects.

    For citizens from third countries, the Approbation Authority always issues a conclusion that the diploma will be confirmed on the condition of passing the practice or the exam on the missing subjects.

    The clinic that is interested in you, as a nurse, assumes the obligation to teach you the missing subjects and to ensure you pass the practice in these subjects. The clinic signs a contract with you to practice as a nurse’s assistant.

    The citizens of third countries must obtain a visa at the German Embassy in their country of residence. All necessary documents for obtaining a visa will be provided to you (employment contract, permission of the Authority to pass the practice, the provision of training and accommodation).

  4. Signing an employment contract

    After passing the practice and having a German language certificate of B2 level, the clinic provides you a workplace as a nurse (salary 2300-2650 euros per month).